The Bucket List

There's a whole big world out there and we want to see it all. We're counting down the pages of our passports and working to fill them up before they expire. Of course, with so many travel options out there, there are a few special things topping our list of dream travel plans. 

Anne's bucket list

 Photo: Tara Noelle for #Timeraiser150

Photo: Tara Noelle for #Timeraiser150

  • Spend the day in Spreepark

  • Set out on the Camino de Santiago

  • Meet and help do a little good for a pangolin 

  • Get a little dirty during Spain’s La Tomatina 
  • Visit Borneo Malaysia to hike Mount Kinabalu (DONE! Feb 5/5, 2018)
  • Find some bravery and leap into the To Sua ocean trench

  • Grab a copy of Moutarde Chou to eat our way across Quebec

  • Catch the Dropkick Murphys annual St Patrick’s Day show in Boston

  • Road trip from Seattle to San Diego in a red 1967 Mustang convertible

  • And the bucket list item since childhood: see the Pyramids of Giza


Ryan's bucket list

  • Get a tuktuk and drive across Sri Lanka (DID IT! December 2017)
  • Surf until six-pack in New Zealand   
  • Tour Japan with a local rockabilly band

  • Sail to Kiribati and drink kava-kava with locals
  • Open a pop-up neon art gallery in Southeast Asia

  • Bid on and buy a 70kg bag of coffee at Ethiopia's largest coffee auction

  • Build a floating craft cocktail barge and sail down the Rhine (or Seine) river

  • Buy a flatbed work truck, convert it into a bedroom and drive across Europe 
  • Visit House on the Rock and ride the carousel during a solar event
  • Camp and travel by bicycle with a geodesic dome trailer 
 Photo: Tara Noelle for #Timeraiser150

Photo: Tara Noelle for #Timeraiser150


Want to help us get there?

Dreams are always made possible with a little help from your friends. Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas, tips or want to lend a hand getting us there.