A little about us

Hi, we're Anne and Ryan

More than a decade ago, we promised each other the world. Literally. We wanted nothing more than to see it all, yet, probably just like you, we found ourselves seeing our desks a heck of a lot more. One day, we said. 

Now, after years of scheming, of practicing and of serious dreaming, here we stand, with a ticket in hand. A one way ticket to the rest of our lives. 

We're setting out to see the world and get a little lost along the way.

Travelling with us means seeing things a little differently. Join us down that dodgy alley or just beyond that questionable hike. Meet the locals and get ready to try more than a few new foods. All along, trust that we'll try really hard not to lead you astray, but we'll most definitely end up where you might not know to go. After all, life is a lot more fun when you get a little lost. 

The Bucket List

Beyond seeing the world, we've got a few more specific schemes in mind, including a massive food fight and a 70kg bag of coffee. 

 Photo: Kate Mulvale  @katemulvale

Photo: Kate Mulvale @katemulvale

Where in the world are we?



The thing about travel is that it's often best left to chance, at least a little bit.

So we tend to make plans late and look to the recommendations of fellow travellers to find the world's best hidden gems.

Have amazing recommendations? Somewhere you got a little lost yourself and found something incredible? We'd love to hear from you! 

Currently IN: France


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 Photo credit: Kate Mulvale  @katemulvale

Photo credit: Kate Mulvale @katemulvale